The Problem Of The Energy Sector

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Among the sixteen critical infrastructures within our country, comes the fact that each and every one of them plays a very important role within keeping our nation up and going. Not only on an economical aspect but also in a safety aspect. Each of the sectors are equally as important as the next. The Dam sector is one of my favorites to talk about because I feel as though it is very much not thought about as a critical part of our infrastructure and I believe that there are many security holes within that particular sector. Today however, I will focus on the energy sector which I also see as not having serious constant talk about the threats that are a reality. When one thinks about the energy sector, many typically think about power lines and how it would cause an issue within a centralized location. This in fact is not all. Our Energy infrastructure actually involves: electricity, oil, and natural gas (Energy Sector). In recent years there have been more public acknowledgments made in regards to the reality and severity of the threats to our electric power grids. Often times this is being referred to as a “Black Sky Day” (Threats) because it would be devastating. Professor Dr Daniel Baker, has testified before a couple of subcommittees of the US House of Representatives Committee last September and he shared the same concerns that were also shared by R. James Woolsley, who happens to be the chairman for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. “During that
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