The Problem Of The Female Youth Population

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Today’s baby girl in the arms of a mother could be tomorrow’s thriving community leader. Today she was a little girl walking in the street, tomorrow could be a future contributor to a prosperous economy. Today’s her first day of school; tomorrow could be her first day of labor force. Today’s 11 year old girl without education or healthcare could be tomorrow’s key to a healthy, flourishing society. The well-being of the female youth population is a primary contribution to the welfare of a successful social and economic result in varying communities. 600 million of these adolescent girls live in developing countries; most of them have to face the harsh reality of a collapse in their healthcare, education, and many other contributing…show more content…
Babies born from adolescent girls face an extremely higher chance of death than when born from a mother that is 20 to 24 years old. Pregnancy in young girls can also cause drastic changes to their body, as most of their bodies are not physically ready for this type of lifestyle. Thus, a woman giving birth whose body is not physically prepared can result in death among girls’ ages 15 to 19. Three million unsafe abortions occur every year among girls aged 15 to 19; this contributes to maternal deaths and long term health problems ("Adolescent Pregnancy." WHO. Web. 28 Oct. 2015). The majority of these pregnancies happen when girls aged fewer than 15 are forced into marriage. “82 million girls in developing countries who are now between the ages of 10 and 17 will be married before their 18th birthday.”("Why Invest In Adolescent Girls." Clintin Global Initiative. Web. 28 Oct. 2015). The impact early marriage has on young girls is huge, as it denies them an opportunity to grow and empower themselves. They are forced to be under the control of the man and his way of life, this includes sexual activity at an extremely early age. It prevents any sense of their self worth and ability to form their own views on different aspects of life. Girls so young of age are not physically, mentally or psychologically ready for the task of being married. This does not give adolescent girls the capability to
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