The Problem Of The Foreclosure Crisis

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One of the most important things that anyone needs is a place to stay. Having a home or shelter of some sort is a very important factor for living. Which is why the term “homeless” is used when directing towards individuals in poverty. Where am I going with this, one might ask? To elude the fact that staying in a nice decent home is part of living. I am currently a college student myself and know a think or two housing. Having a place to live and making sure that you’re home is collective in price, interest rates and etc. is very important
The market crashed several years ago leading to the foreclosure crisis which forced Americans out of their homes. Since then the real estate market has not been the same nearly since. We all know market has not been the same over the past several years, but home buying is still crucial to Americans because like I stated earlier having a place to stay is important. There are always going to be immigrants coming to this country as well every year and they also need a home or two, so the real estate market is still sufficient. Which is why my family has stayed in the same house for over ten years. Past homebuyers are probably petrified about containing a home nowadays due to all of what has happened to the real estate market over the past few years, but the past has actually laid down some differences in home buying these days. The real estate market knows that there was a crisis that happened to them several years ago, so in that case the
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