The Problem Of The Homeless Hotspot

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When was the last time you went somewhere, and the building was did not offer free Wi- Fi? In this day and age many individuals are so technically attached, that they are unable to go places without a Wi-Fi connection. A large convention, in the southern U.S., came up with an idea that they believe may aid in the process of having Wi-Fi wherever one may go. As well as help people who have become marginalized in society (Maze, 2015). This idea is known as the ‘Homeless Hotspot’. This idea not only is convenient for the public, but it is also giving the homeless a chance to express their selves in a positive way. In this case, the ‘Homeless Hotspot’ idea began to start when the agency phoned up a local homeless shelter and placed an offer out on the table. This offer consisted of providing each volunteer with a 4G wireless Wi-Fi device, business card, and a T-shirt with their name on it. In addition, each volunteer would receive $20 a day. On this note, to homeless person this deal sounds great. However, to some of the reactions the agency got from the civilians were not as pleasing as the homeless peoples’ reactions were. This was because some felt as it was degrading to a homeless person to use them as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Other solutions that could have been done instead of this could be; finding an alternative way to make a Wi-Fi hotspot without using a physical human being, or just deal with the fact there is not any Wi-Fi in that spot, and if one may need it that badly then

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