The Problem Of The Internet

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The Internet org. might not work efficiently in India, neither in culture nor technological method. For cultural reason, religion would be the first cause which makes extremely negative effect for expanding internet service in India. Since the Hinduism is a kind of close religion, such as it does not encourage people to travel away from India, the ethic might not encourage people to use new technology such as internet. In addition, education is still a problem in India. The literacy in India is 74.04 percent, which is lower than the world average level according to the research of census (2011). However, there are still some positive aspects for the organisation. Although the language aspect might cause serious problems for the expansion due to a number of native languages, English, which is a global and the most common internet language, could be used by a number of Indian because India was the colony of the UK. Moreover, based on the colony history, the company might be accepted by local people easily, due to the assimilatory education (Science Encyclopedia 2014). Consequently, although there are advantages for the organisation to expand into Indian market, the disadvantage might make bigger effect because the religion could influence people’s mind and daily life when we concerned with the culture aspect.
Focus on technological environment, the company might have to take more risk than opportunity. The infrastructure could be the most serious problem that the company have

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