The Problem Of The Kyoto Protocol

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recent years, the population of Quebec has shown increasing awareness and concerns for the protection of the environment . Like all the industrialized nations on the planet, Quebec, and more generally Canada, produces huge amounts of greenhouse gas, which have terrible effects on the planet. The Kyoto protocol, ratified in 1997, is the initiative for Governments around the world to act in favor of the reduction of GHG emission. Furthermore, the Government of Quebec has taken action to promote a greener way lifestyle by subsidizing many environmentally friendly initiatives. Special matter was accorded to transportation, which accounts for 42.5% of emissions of GHG in Quebec. Transportation is thus the biggest emitter sector and should be…show more content…
The electric vehicle market offering the first all-electric mass-produced car made its appearance in Canada in 2011 with the Nissan Leaf . Quebec’s electric vehicle market is relatively young as well and regroups only a few leading and innovative firms of the industry. In 2014, only 2 835 Quebecers were owners of an electric vehicle , which is less than 0.04% of the population. The purchase price of electric vehicles is much higher than gasoline vehicles, therefore people who purchase electric vehicles tend to have higher income and be concentrated in particular neighborhoods. In addition, another important factor in vehicle choice these days is their repercussions on the environment. Some consumers are concerned with environmental degradation, and are motivated to reduce carbon emissions and its impact on the environment, therefore they purchase more fuel-efficient vehicles. A recent estimate states that the industry is booming; on average, three to four electrical cars are estimated to be sold every day in the province of Quebec. The demand for electrical vehicle is strongly concentrated in the Montérégie area (540 cars), on the South-Shore and in Montreal (340 cars). This demographic concentration shows that the demand is related to the accrued presence of recharge stations (as well as income), in the Montérégie area there is 74 stations available, which is more than anywhere else. This implies that the demand is higher

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