The Problem Of The Low Utilization Ratio Of Seats

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Introduction Libraries have been playing a very important role in information, knowledge finding and providing people great places to study. McGill University, one of the biggest and highly ranked universities in Canada, consists of 11 facilities and has 39,988 students [1]. McGill University library system comprises 13 branch libraries, holding over 6 million items and providing great quiet study, group study rooms and computer for students and staff. However, most students have experienced difficulties in finding a seat for studying or group discussing in the library, especially during the exam period. Besides, although the library has clearly defined that students cannot occupy seats. But because of the lack of the alarm system, it is difficult to judge which one is free and which one is not, the problem of the low utilization ratio of seats is very serious. This leads to a serious waste of resource and so many students who loves to study cannot find seats in the library. In addition, students can be distracted from studying, by people who are walking around for finding a seat in the library. Besides, the ubiquity and popularity of smartphones among end-users have increasingly drawn software developers’ attention over the last few years. As a result, our group will create a library seat availability app for students to check the occupancy and the vacancy of seats in the libraries by installing sensors at each floor and the main entrances of libraries. By comparing the

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