The Problem Of The Undocumented Immigrants

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On February 28th in 2000, Luis Alberto Jimenez an immigrant living in the U.S was coming back home from work when he was involved in an accident in which he was hit by a stolen vehicle near Palm Beaches Gardens in Florida. Jimenez was rushed to Martin Memorial Hospital Center, where he was attended to and stabilized, but this was after he had suffered acute brain damage and other injuries. Jimenez was speechless and immobile according to his cousin, Montejo Gasper, who was also his guardian. This tragic event started a major debate in the public where some others supporting the hospitals decision to repatriate undocumented and uninsured immigrants and others against the repatriation. Jimenez finally came out of his inactive state though many supported Martin Memorials decision to send him back to Guatemala, which was his home country. The main issue was the uncertainty that Jimenez would receive better care back in Guatemala. Many physicians realized that the repatriation could possibly lead to his death. The main challenge of this article questions whether the undocumented immigrants have a right to health care. Many hospitals in America are repatriating seriously injured and ill immigrants simply because there are not enough nursing homes that are willing to accept them without any insurance (Sontag, 2009). The two court decisions in Florida still are unclear, because it doesn’t set standards for U.S hospitals repatriating undocumented immigrants to their home country. The
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