The Problem Of The Waste Dumping

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Our oceans are in trouble and need help from us. They are being threatened by everything from pollution to overfishing to g. The worst part of the ocean having all these problems is that they are caused by a single species on the Earth: humans. For several years humans have been making new and better technology that improved the lives of the humans, but have actually hurt other species that were having their habitat polluted by toxins given off as a byproduct of the technology that was improving the lives of humans. Most of this started around the industrial revolution when manufacturing and trade was exciting and new to many people (so exciting that they did not think of where to put the waste from the factories and mils. Soon enough America would be threatened with a poisoned water supply that would cause people to worry. However the only problems that the people of this time period knew how to solve was the problem of the physical waste dumping. Research in this time period was not advanced enough to tell the unseen effects of the unseen byproducts (Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere). This lack of knowledge would turn the world and its oceans upside down. One of the first environmental issues (not necessarily formed by pollution) is overfishing and this is something that early settlers knew nothing about they thought that whenever they fished that there were millions of other fish out there and that fishing too much would be impossible. To their utter surprise, what…
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