The Problem Of The Worst Trouble I Have Ever Been Since

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The Worst Trouble I Have Ever Been In When you are younger you seem to get in to trouble every time you turn around, but there is always that one time you will never be able to forget. Well that certain time for me personally was during my freshman year of high school. A couple of friends and I decided we were going to skip school on this certain day, and just ride around town for the day. Little did I know this would be the worst mistake of my life. Our ditch day started out just like any other, I woke up got ready for school, and started my morning drive to the town of Clinton. I was a nervous wreck during the drive, the worst case scenarios were racing through my head. I should have listened to my gut then, because…show more content…
After much debate and arguing we finally decided we would just gather up what money we had between us, and ride some backroads for the entire day. We all whipped out our wallets and scrounged up every cent we had, which came out to be almost forty five dollars. So we drove to the gas station, spent ten dollars on snacks and drinks for the day, and put the other thirty five in gas. We could not have been happier with the way everything was panning out. We pulled out of the gas station and headed down Bolton Brownsville road, we drove for about an hour or so before we started to get bored. Then one of my friends suggested we head back in to Clinton and go to the old race track off of the frontage road. We all agreed that it sounded like a great idea, because we knew there were a few good mud holes out there that we could try my new tires in. So after about another thirty minute drive we pulled into the old race track. We parked my truck out of sight and walked down to the abandoned track, we walked on the track for a while, and then decide to go get back in the truck and hit a few mud hole we had spotted on the walk. So there we were again back in the truck, we rounded the corner of the first trail, and here was the first hole. It wasn’t very big only about 15ft long and seemed to be mostly water, I dropped my truck in to four wheel drive high low range, and crept through the first hole with ease. We were all laughing and having a good

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