The Problem Of Traffic Lights

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The idea for traffic lights began in the mid-1800s when a system was essential to sustain the amassed flow of horse-drawn traffic flow. By 1868, a signal was put in by the intersection of George St and Bridge St, which is close to the Parliament. The installment provided pedestrians a safe crossing, and an answer to officials that need to sustain traffic.
The semaphore involves a signal of a tall post with movable arm. When the arm is aligned sideways, it mean stop. After dark, a gas lamp was lit at the top. The green lenses means to go, and red means stop. Originally, the signal is controlled by hand, and the officers decided when the signal to be changed according to traffic flow. They would also whistle to remind drivers, when the signal will change. However, this method turned out to be hazardous. In 1869, a leak in one of the gas lines led to a traffic signal explosion. The incident severely wounding the policeman operating it, and led to the semaphore project to be terminated in London.

In America, the semaphore were be rolled out to public because there were more motorists travelling on the road. However, many problems arose due to officers finding it to be difficult to sustain the traffic congestion. Some cities started to install traffic towers, which allowed officers to have a clearer view to monitor the traffic in an elevated platform.
In the early 1900s, the automobiles just gain popularity throughout the world and traffic becomes busier results. Car were
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