The Problem Of True Happiness

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True happiness is defined by, having a sense of deep inner well-being, how you fell about a certain situation and experiencing true happiness is a great thing. The reason why true happiness is important in the world of today is because, without true happiness the world would, come unraveled and more crimes and the government might go into a crazy binge where there is no control over what is said, or down on any issue that is put in front of the government like, immigration reform, to make changes to a country’s policy on immigration and the people who can come in and become a citizen of that country. Without feeling true happiness criminals and criminal activities will start to happen an example of this would be, more abuse in homes between spouses or more child abuse because, the family members are letting more of their angry out and not figuring out a way to combat it or deal with in in another helpful way. Having it can make your emotions feel different than from what they already are, like if you feel angry or upset or even fear. You start to feel a connection with those emotions more deeply than ever before, you come to an understanding of them. An example of this would be, when you see a homeless person on the streets you start to think should I help this person out or should I give them some money. Or should I just walk away from that person all together and let it be someone else problem to handle like, the government or someone’s. True happiness also, affects the
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