The Problem Of Unnecessary Blindness

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There are specifically some important macro-scale problems that should be addressed initially in order to help Aravind move towards fulfilling the organizational goals. Specifically these issues are looking at how the organization’s operations will be expanded in the future including how the organization needs to plan to grow so it can reach a broader number of the blind population, and also if the organization is truly eradicating needless blindness in India as well as providing the highest quality service it can to both its paying and non-paying customers. It is clear that in order to solve the problem of needless blindness in India the organization must make some move in order to reach a wider population. There are several options that Aravind has when moving into the future for how expansion will be facilitated. The first would be for it to continue with operations as currently set up, but publicize its business model and encourage other organizations to copy it and work alongside Aravind to eradicate needless blindness. While this is a viable and seemingly the easiest option, this should not be the only approach that Aravind considers. Aravind has some existing problems in its operations, management and marketing, and while it has achieved success in the past, there are some significant existing components that will contribute to greater weakness within Aravind’s business model in the future. It is also uncertain if any other organizations will actually choose to…

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