The Problem Of Waste Management

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The American people are unintentionally destroying Waste Management by reducing and recycling the amount of waste. There is a disconnection between the people and Waste Management. Even though Waste Management has more landfill capacity than others, no one wants to increase its wasteland profit. The business environment and sociocultural has changed. The changing environment and the trend analysis has supported the idea of many companies choosing the zero-waste route. This will therefore reduce revenues for Waste Management, creating an ambiguous future for the corporation. In order to avoid this prospect, Waste Management needs to evaluate its contextual intelligence; the manager should have realized the impact of landfill practices to the environmental advocacy groups. They also need to research the changing behaviors of consumers by understanding the internal and external environments surrounding the dissolution of waste. The external environment of Waste Management includes all the forces involving the changing consumer situation. The task environment is the focus of all the external forces. The main direct affect of this corporation is the consumers (corporations) who regularly use the landfill. “The customer is always right”. As a result, Waste Management needs to adjust its business plan according to its consumer needs. Since many corporate leaders are now attempting to reduce the waste, there is now pressure for the corporation to adopt a new strategy. The
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