The Problem Of Water Drinking Water

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Water is considered one of the most important substances in the world. Imagine a world with no access to fresh water. People can only survive without water for a total of three days and then its over. People in many nations have no choice but to drink water that is a health hazard and may one day kill them. Fresh access to water increases the health of the population, increases the agricultural production, and improves the state of the economy.
TOMS is a company that provides diverse aid to third world countries. It’s a one-for-one type aid that when someone buys a certain product they improve a life of someone in a third world nation. TOM currently has over 100 giving partners to help over 70 countries around the world. TOM specifically gives out140 liters of safe water for every bag of TOMS Roasting Co. Coffee sold. That is one week supply according to the World Health organization that recommends 20 liters of water every day for adequate hygiene and health. More than 780 million people don 't have access to safe drinking water. The purchase TOMS Roasting Co. purchases support water systems in seven countries, in the same regions where the company sources the coffee beans. TOMS is working with Giving Partners that have expertise in water, sanitation and hygiene to help create sustainable water systems in seven countries. So far TOMS Roasting Co. purchases have helped provide over 250,000 weeks of safe water to people in need ("Giving Water” 2016)
Safe and available water…
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