The Problem That Can Be The Most Challenging For Myself Essay

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The scenario that can be the most challenging for myself is the one relating to the murder of a 4-year-old child. Personally speaking, it always considers an exasperate situation any case of child abuse or neglect. This scenario does not just tell of abuse or neglect of a child, but a child murder. As a human being, parent and teacher, a murdered of a 4year child is someone I would never want to encounter in my life. When it comes to children, any time someone causes pain to a child, considering that it could happen to my own child. In the case of this 4-year-old child, as a mother and a friend it will be very painful to know that someone close to me went through these circumstances. In the past few years, as a teacher in Haiti, many cases of children being kidnapped, abused and raped occurred in my school. The challenge of witnessing the pain of parents, families’ members, and friends was very difficult to endure. In that moment, as a human, you cannot sleep and wake up without questioning yourself what a child have caused to deserve such treatment. In that same moment you feel a sense of anger and rage toward the criminal. You think of all kinds of things you will do or say if you have the opportunity to see that person. But as a therapist, I would play the “opposites, ” which is consisted doing my work while considering the profession’s standards of practice.
Like any other profession, the occupational therapy profession is rooted, structured and organized around seven

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