The Problem That Has No Name

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Betty Friedan the author of the documentary article The Problem That Has No Name (1963), is a female author that discusses the way women feel trapped as housewives. Betty did many interviews about women and the problems they faced. Betty would interview many doctors and psychiatrists to support her evidence about the female role in society. Fifteen years after World War II, in the1950’s and 1960’s, women were taught by society and ads that they needed to be at home tending to the family and house. The age of women marrying got younger toward the end of the 1950’s, and even teens were starting to marry. Women would go to college to find their husbands, not wanting too much education, women would find side jobs to help fund putting their husbands through college. Planned Parenthood helped women to not have as many children as past generations. Women stayed at home cooking, cleaning, and taking the children to their activities. Being a suburban housewife was what young girls would dream about, but it wasn’t all fabulous and glam. Women would ask themselves is this all my life is? Not having satisfaction from the same day to day task got women thinking and wondering if they were to do more, be more, and were they able to have self-satisfaction. Women would visit psychologist thinking something was wrong with them when they were depressed and bored with the same task day in and day out. Women needed to listen to their inner voices and have fulfillment within themselves. (Friedan,
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