The Problem We All Live with (1964)

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This document is a painting which has been painted in 1964. It’s one of the most famous paintings in the sixties all over the world because it was one of the first paintings which have denounced the violence of the Segregation. Norman Rockwell, an American illustrator, was involved in the desegregation and by this painting, aimed at make Americans aware that Segregation is based on wrong ideas such as the superiority of whites on blacks. His most famous masterpiece, which is here, is entitled The problem with all live with. The word problem means Segregation. Thus, it deals with the issue of school racial integration. We are obviously chocked by the way the Segregation is embodies. Therefore, it would interesting, in a first…show more content…
Therefore, to impose his decision, he sends a protection to her. We can see for soldiers or guards from the U.S. Deputy Marshall because we can see a yellow rubbon where is written … Furthermore, their position seems to be jerky as if a chief was ordering them to walk in rhythm. They’re four and surrounding the girl ( Massive, impressive. They’re seems to be powerful because they’re occupying the entire sides, the right and left of the painting. There are crapped to the shoulders too. To me, it’s appears that every soldiers is ready to obey to the President to fight against the Segregation. It cans every soldier. The second part is how the painting can makes people fells involved and revolted against the Segregation. I pick up three elements. At first, the wall; he is white. Therefore, there is a contrast between the smashed tomato which is red and the wall. The smashed tomato embodies the violence, the contempt, angry and resentment of American towards black. This element is so well underlines (we can have the feeling that the tomato juice is spreading all over the wall, falling) that we can only be revolted towards this behavior. Is the American society considered as the country of freedom ?. This element criticizes the lies of this society full of contempt. Then, each onlooker can have compassion towards the girl. Indeed, even if she is the victim of prejudices and insults she is keeping her composure. She does cry over spilt milk. There whole black
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