The Problem With Illegal Aliens

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Introduction Despite the multiple laws and policies that were implemented in the United States, there is still a problem with illegal aliens or immigrants. The U.S. government has spent millions of dollars to secure our southern border but, with that being said, the government has charged the Department of Homeland Security to create and implement new and innovative ways to justify and solidify those polices. In this case study, there will be a focus and analytical approach to three of the main issues which continue to surface on immigration enforcement. These issues are: who is an illegal alien; who can detain illegal aliens; and when can they be deported?

Who is an illegal alien? To the average citizen, an illegal alien is an individual who has entered the United States without legal documentation authorizing them to be in the country. “The notion of the “illegal alien” as a discursive formation suggests the breaching of immigration law as the main problem of undocumented immigration: It emphasizes the illegality of unauthorized migration” (Ackerman, 2014). The people that are entering the United States illegally are causing major issues, depleting the economy, and are a major concern to the government and American people. People tend to look at illegal aliens as tax burdens or ones who work jobs that the average American would not due to the level of pay. Many business owners attempt to take advantage of this “cheap” labor and hire these illegals. In…
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