The Problem With Medical Insurance

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In healthcare, there are problems throughout the world. These problems include issues within insurance companies, lack of sanitation and medical service causing various countries with more diseases than normal. Immigrants come to the United States because they need better medical services that they are unable to get in their country. With the lack of healthcare materials and sanitation in countries outside of the United States, it makes many people choose to live here. An ongoing problem with medical insurance leaves people with no insurance at all. I chose to interview Kelle Boles, who is experiencing the healthcare everyday in her profession. She is a nurse and also works many hours working in the office at the clinic. She also spends a lot of her time on the phone with insurance providers to get the patient approved for a medication or a diagnostic test they need to have. Another reason I chose to interview Kelle is because she will tell you everything she has experienced or what she knows without having to sugar coat it (personal communication March 4, 2016).
1. Do you think Universal Healthcare should be a right or do you think that everyone should have access? “I feel that affordable Universal Healthcare should be available to everyone for basic medical care.”
2. If you could change one thing about our health care system, what would that be have trouble keeping hospital and offices open “Each state should be funded equally. A medical provider in Iowa should be…
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