The Problem With Medical Insurance

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In healthcare, there are problems throughout the world. These problems include issues within insurance companies, lack of sanitation and medical service causing various countries with more diseases than normal. Immigrants come to the United States because they need better medical services that they are unable to get in their country. With the lack of healthcare materials and sanitation in countries outside of the United States, it makes many people choose to live here. An ongoing problem with medical insurance leaves people with no insurance at all. I chose to interview Kelle Boles, who is experiencing the healthcare everyday in her profession. She is a nurse and also works many hours working in the office at the clinic. She also spends…show more content…
Standardized pay scales for same level of care should be the same.” 3. What are your opinions of Medicaid, CHIP and Medicare? “I believe in Medicaid for people that use Medicaid as a help but not a lifestyle. Some people grew up on Medicaid and that is the only way they know. Medicaid is supposed to help people that are medically or physically challenged but I see too many people using it as a way to get out of working.” 4. Do you believe one is better than the other? Why? “I don 't believe one is better than the other but I do believe that Medicare does help people, especially people over 65 and those who are not able to work anymore or people who are ill prior to that age. Medicare and Medicaid keep making changes and more mandates and requirements on a medical provider that it seems that they are deciding what a medical provider can and can not do for their patients. If a doctor feels that their patient needs a CT or MRI to find the problem there are so many hoops do go through to even be able to get the exam. Lots of times it takes days or a week to get something approved by them so the exam can be done. They make the decisions on how a patient is treated either by radiology down to what meds can be given etc.” 5. What are your opinions of Obamacare? “To be honest I don 't know a lot about Obamacare other than it was a nice concept but again only helping a few groups of people in this nation.” 6. In Iowa, how
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