The Problem With Obesity And Obesity

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Have you ever drank a pop or soda? I’m sure most people would answer yes to that question. But a better question is do you really know what is inside the can? Everything we put in our body effects us. From vegetables to doughnuts, everything carries nutritional facts with it. Some are better than others. But one thing is for sure; the nation is in a crisis with obesity. Weight gain is on a rise and more and more of the population is getting bigger and bigger. This can be credited to the nutritional value in the foods we eat. The food we are putting into our bodies is poisoning our population, creating diseases, and killing us one French fry and soda at a time. According to the world health organization at least 2.8 million people die every year from being overweight or obese. This has become a concern to the countries population and a fear of the ones heading down the wrong road. People are trying to counter act these in the completely wrong ways. According to the film Fed Up, “The common sense response to counter act weight gain is, eat less, exercise more.” This is completely false. The body needs food to operate properly. Without food the body will literally start eating itself to compensate for the nutrients it is in need of. So starving the body is no good way of attempting to lose weight. It all matters what food you are putting into your body. This “common sense” tactic that people use to counter act weight gain is completely wrong. Type 2 diabetes accounts for

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