Essay on The Problem With Profiling

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There are many situations where individuals are profiled. “For what of a better word, the problem is cultural, and it will be solved when the culture, somehow, is changed” (Cohen). From a very young age every person is taught to profile. I was taught by my parents to never talk to strangers and to never go somewhere alone because I am a girl. There are certain times when profiling someone is a good thing, but there are also boundaries that should not be crossed. Racial profiling, behavioral profiling, and religious profiling are just a few ways that humans profile one another, each one being discriminatory but some less than others.
Profiling people based on race may seem harmless when it is done among friends, but there are times where
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“Essentially, racial profiling occurs when race, national origin or ethnicity is the primary or sole consideration used by an officer of the law when intervening in a law enforcement capacity” (NeJame).
I think his race should have been released because my family and others who lived in the area needed to know exactly what he looked like. Without this key fact police officers would also waste more time by having to sort through more people. “It would be senseless for the police to be stopping Danish tourists in Times Square just to make the statistics look good” (Cohen). The police described him as African-American because they wanted to make the suspect pool smaller and find him quickly. He was armed and dangerous and even with the information that was given he was not caught until the next morning.
One way that profiling can be acceptable is when it is based on a person’s behavior. During my gap year I was told I was going to live with two other people whom I would not be able to meet until the day I moved in. When I first walked into the dorm building I could hear a girl from all the way down the hall. She had a very loud New York accent, and I prayed that she was not going to be my roommate. When I walked into my new room she was sitting on the bunk above mine, and I became scared. I thought of Long Island New Yorkers as rude, snooty, and very wild people.
I also knew that I had another roommate but she was
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