The Problem With Technology Based Recruiting

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The Problem with Technology The problem is that utilizing technology based recruiting (including Social Networking Sites and Applicant Tracking Software) for selection of candidates may result in a detrimental fit between employee and organization. When considering organizational fit; “The concept Person-Organization Fit (POF) deals with the congruence between the employee’s own personal values and the values of the organization, according to the employee’s perception” (Farooqui & Nagendra, 2014, p. 123). These limitations could culminate into a poor fit, resulting in diminished job satisfaction as well as poor job performance (Farooqui & Nagendra, 2014). The population that is affected by this problem is Human Resource (HR) management. The research will specifically focus on talent acquisition that will reduce problems through strategic recruitment. Formulation and Selection In order to solve any problem, it is first necessary to formulate a solution to that problem. The Recruitment project is a multi-solution approach to the problem of using technology in the recruiting process. The solution of updating the corporate website will be handled by the Information Technology manager and Intern. The solution of finding the right job boards to advertise and manage employee data on will be handled by a Human Resource manager and Intern. This solution will address the issues of marketing, finance and accounting, management leadership roles and scope, legal issues and concerns,
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