The Problem With The United States ' Constitution

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Allana Diego

Mrs. Morris


9 January 2015

The Problem with the United States’ Constitution

According to the United Nations, human rights are defined as “rights inherent to all human beings, whatever their nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status. Humans all equally entitled to human rights without discrimination. These rights are all interrelated, interdependent and indivisible.”

The fight to protect human rights has been ongoing since the creation of law. The question of what constitutes as a human right has been raised time and time again to redefine laws in order to accommodate groups who have had their rights violated. From women’s rights to the rights of coloured people in America, social movements have been an integral part of creating change for the betterment of society. Today, the world faces yet another movement: the campaign for gay rights and the legalization of same-sex marriage.

The gay rights movement in Canada began in 1967 with the arrest of Everett George Klippert on the grounds of his homosexual conduct. He was the last person in Canada to be arrested for his sexual orientation, as his case sparked protests and demands for reform. Ten years later, the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada ensued as a direct result of this case.

In the United States, the gay rights movement began much earlier. Dating back to 1924 the Society for Human Rights in Chicago, the earliest…
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