The Problem With Thomas Jefferson

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As Christopher Hitchens said,“We make no saint of Thomas Jefferson—we leave the mindless business of canonization and the worship of humans to the fanatics—but aware as we are of his many crimes and contradictions we say with confidence that his memory and example will endure long after the moral pygmies who try to blot out his name have been forgotten.” Jefferson was a great politician, and “beacon of liberty” for the early Americans, but he was also flawed. Sure he’s well known for the aspiring Declaration of Independence, but these flaws, also led him make some choices, that would leave a mark on his impressionable record, and lead to the problems with his presidency. Therefore, although, Thomas Jefferson was an inspiring man and renowned intellect, his imperfection led to actions such as the Indian Policy and Embargo Act, which drop him into the bad category. Although, President Jackson is often credited with initiating the Indian Removal because it was passed during his presidency in 1830, he was merely implementing a plan laid out by Jefferson in a series of private letters written in 1803.Jefferson wanted to expand his borders into the Indian Territories, without leading to war, so he planned to make them give up their own culture, religion, and lifestyle, and instead embrace the European culture, Christianity, and agricultural lifestyle. He expected that by making the Indians farmers that they would willingly give up their land in exchange for the resolvent of
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