The Problem With Today 's Police

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Is there really a problem with today 's police? When the U.S. retreated back several years ago from waging constant battles in Iraq and Afghanistan, the mindset of war continues to remain unchanged. The current administration now hands out military surplus gear left and right, gearing local police officers to wage war in the neighborhood of America 's residents. Officers looked ready to fight a war, when donning their new police uniforms with a discreet black or camouflage pattern along with the latest and greatest military advancements in weapons and tactics. The level of tactical superiority provides only short term relief to the situation, but on the contrary creates a significant amount of long term problems in deteriorating public support of police. Through the public support of ending the 1033 program, change the culture of the police, and the need of community centered training. These steps guarantee the disseverment of police militarization due to the duty of the citizen to take the law into their own hand and account. The major solution in solving the case of police militarization deals directly with the current mindset of the citizen. The need for ending the 1033 program, which grants police department numerous military grade equipment from transportation vehicle, camouflage clothing, and firearms. There calls for public support for the matter in ending the program and returning the equipment to the state and recycle the material for different uses. The removal of
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