The Problem Within Fice Of Appeals Essay

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Describe the Problem: Describe the situation surrounding your problem/project in detail and include the stakeholders, their expectations, and the impact of the project on them.
The situation surrounding the problem within the Office of Appeals is adapting from seeing things as they are to seeing things as they could be. It is time to move into the fast pace and changing technology world. The Office of Appeals must be equipped with today’s technology to ensure that our beneficiaries and stakeholders receive information and assistance as quickly and efficiently as possible. By instituting a new tracking system, the Division of Medicaid could greatly improve the quality or services it provides to its beneficiaries and stakeholders.
In my opinion, it is the desire of the beneficiary to receive the results of their application in a timely manner. A new appeal tracking system would minimize the time in providing hearing notification to the beneficiaries we serve. By utilizing the most recent program software, it will allow the Office of Appeals to thoroughly track an appeal from the beginning to the final administrative decision.
Identify Major Issues: Describe the major issues, both current and historical that may or have impacted the need for the project.
The Agency must take final administrative action on a hearing within 90 days of the date of the initial request. Although, the 90 day timeframe allowed pursuant to regulations, the Agency makes every effort to conduct
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