The Problem of Childhood Obesity

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Childhood obesity Perhaps the most notable campaign recently created to deal with the problem of childhood obesity is the brainchild of First Lady Michelle Obama entitled "Let's Move". Online, the "Let's Move" campaign provides resources such as My Plate to encourage children to eat a balanced diet within a normal calorie range, and gives advice about appropriate exercise daily requirements. The approach is fairly conservative (the dietary and exercise advice is accepted by mainstream scientists) but there are few concrete proposals to enact meaningful changes, other than to make better choices and to get moving. The British chef Jamie Oliver has created a website with a specific focus on improving school lunches. Oliver's declared 'food revolution' is designed to bring healthy food to schools and transform the way that America eats. His website provides suggestions for healthy, kid-friendly meals as well as information about the nutritional problems with school cafeteria food. Chef Alice Waters' Edible Schoolyard Project details how to integrate community gardening and nutritional information into the daily life of schoolchildren. The website offers lesson plans and other tools for educators. It enables teachers to register projects at the website, to receive help and support in creating projects that foster healthy habits in children. On a local level, supermarkets often provide resources for schoolchildren to learn about where food comes from. Wegmans and

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