The Problem of Cyber Bullying

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In the past few years, there has been a tremendous amount of improvements of technology use in teenagers causing a new problem to arise. “Half of students admit to being bullied online, while an estimated seventy-nine percent of teenagers say it’s a problem,” (“An Old Problem with a New Face”). Since the rapid growth of technology, cyber bullying has become life-threatening for too many teenagers. Now that teenagers have phones and technology almost twenty-four hours a day, they are putting themselves at a greater risk of being cyber bullied. Cyber bullying is different from regular, old-school bullying; cyber bullying is using the internet to ruin the life of other teenagers. “Cyber bulling is when a teenager is tormented, threatened,…show more content…
As for the teenagers being cyber bullied, and the ones performing the cyberbullying, there are many different ways to handle the situation. For those who are being cyber-bullied or harassed they can block the person performing the bullying. If the cyber bully has contact information with the teen, they can ignore messages without reading them. In today’s social media, the person being bullied can report to the social media workers rude comments, inappropriate pictures, and just bullying itself. Then the comments will be taken down. Lastly, someone who is getting bullied needs to speak with a parent, a teacher, or even a friend about the bullying. As for the teenagers who are witnessing the cyberbullying, that teenager needs to tell them to stop what they’re doing because jail is a penalty for cyberbullying. That child could also get caught by the school and get expelled depending on how serious the case of cyberbullying has become. “The punishment for cyber bullies can include being suspended from school or kicked off of sports teams. Certain types of cyber bullying also may violate school codes or even discrimination or sexual harassment laws” (“Kids Health”). In addition to jail being an option, teenagers can result to taking their own lives. So additionally going to jail, the cyber-bully could be the reason behind another
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