The Problem of Decline in Bee Population Essay

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The Problem of Decline in bee population in the USA Problem: Decreasing Bee population caused by Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) During the 1980s onwards, the population of the bees had decreased at an alarming rate. The cause of the decline was “due to Varroa and tracheal mites: The first Varroa mite infestation was reported in 1987; tracheal mites were first detected in 1984.” [8] These die-offs forced many bee-keepers out of employment. These die-offs during the past were called by various names: “spring dwindle disease, fall dwindle disease, autumn collapse, May disease and disappearing disease.”[3] The previous die-offs were again observed from 2006 onwards at a much larger scale. The alarming drop in the bee…show more content…
From the results in Table 1 shown above, IIV and the nosemas have been found in higher frequencies compared to the other pathogens. The observation colonies with IIV had a frequency of 8 in 2006, 18 in 2007 and 9 in 2008. This shows that the frequency of IIV is fairly high compared to the others and therefore could be one of the causes of CCD. With the nosema groups (1 and 2), the observation colonies with nosema 1 had a frequency of 5 while nosema 2 with 3 in 2006, 18 for nosema 1 and 11 for nosema 2 in 2007 and 9 for nosema 1 and 0 for nosema 2 in 2008. The method used to acquire the data is appropriate because the phenomenon is being observed in a wide range of areas and not only one area. Furthermore, a large sample was used 200-500 bees were used therefore suggesting that the data is reliable. By doing this sort of sampling they wanted to observe whether there were common factors, which are present in CCD, present in bee colonies separated by large distances · Time Sequence Bee Sampling [6] - In this sampling, some colonies were kept under observation for a period of three months. This observation would allow them to see what exactly was happening to the bees. Behaviour, eating habits, movements and mating habits would be observed within this period of time. This was mainly done to determine what was
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