The Problem of Digital and Online Piracy

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Digital or online piracy is one of the biggest if not the biggest criminal cyber acts today. It has been a major problem for nearly two decades. Sellers of digital products (ranging from music to software) are actively fighting the availability of pirated copies of their products, but despite more sophisticated copy protection, the problem is still out there (Sundararajan 2004). So what exactly constitutes online piracy? It's important to have a working definition, especially when the behavior of engaging in online piracy can involve legal penalty. Online piracy is actually a pretty broad category and it brings in a number of different activities, however, definable boundaries are sometimes unclear (Fisk 2009). Piracy is the act of copying and distributing intellectual property without the consent of the rights holder. Therefore online piracy is an act of piracy that uses computer networks as a tool for both copying and distributing (2009). Digital piracy is the piracy of digital media content, which includes anything from illegally copying software (even if it's out of date) to copying a video cassette tape it doesn't necessarily need a computer network for distribution (2009). In basic terms, digital piracy is referring to the piracy of a specific type of content (like music or movies) while online piracy is referring to a specific type of distribution method (2009). So who are the types of people engaging in online and/or digital piracy? There is not a simple way to

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