The Problem of Domestic Violence

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When I was exiting Yellowstone National Park, the park ranger at the post asked me what I was doing in Jackson Hole. I explained to him that I was there for the Annual Domestic Violence Conference and he said to me “We have that problem here?” I told him, “That problem is everywhere and actually one in three women will face abuse in one way or another in their lifetime.” I had just learned all of this information from attending this event. I started my role as a Victim Advocate only four days previous to this day. I was not aware of the complete picture of domestic violence but I could relate this phenomena in being part of this statistic. Many people ask me different questions, yet they all are the same, “Does that really happen …show more content…
Some of these children or adults are not aware of the problem and they see it as the way it is supposed to be. They hurt and they can’t figure out why, they don’t think they are worthy of being in a healthy relationship and they don’t have self-esteem to believe in themselves. These victims become an outcast within their own families if they break the mold in which they were born! Many victims are not aware that there are places to turn for help. Society has not been very supportive of victims partially because society does not know how to approach the matter. Here in our community we have had a black cloud over the center which is slowly letting rays of sunshine in. It has taken a few years for our community as a whole to realize the purpose we serve in being a center for domestic violence. Still there are negative emotions which are hard to overcome. I know that I was not even given the opportunity to talk with a Victim Advocate when I was abused and it wasn’t until a recent change in victim’s rights for police to give victims a Victim referral sheet. It is a law in Wyoming to have centers with trained Victim Advocates in every county to serve this particular group of victims. It is also a law in Wyoming that all people who witness or hear about abuse of another make a mandatory report to law enforcement. One could even anonymously report abuse to
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