The Problem of Evil Disproved by the Free Will Defense Essay

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The Problem of Evil Disproved by the Free Will Defense

The Problem of Evil states that because evil exists the existence of a tri-omni being, which we typically refer to as God, is impossible. This argument, if proved to be true, would refute the Cosmological Argument for God’s Existence. The Cosmological Argument states that not every being can be a dependent being without infinite regress (which is believed to be impossible), so there exists a tri-omni self dependent being known as God which initiated the dependency of the universe. The disproving of God and, thus, all theories proving the existence of God, would be disastrous to the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas and all people who believe in the existence of a
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Some people known as Fideists believe in the existence of God based on faith alone. Believing in something based on faith alone by its nature does not require any evidence. Under Fideism it is acceptable for a person to believe that the moon is made of cheese, that Santa Claus exists, or that there are mermaids. It simply doesn’t make any sense. Fideism does not solve the Problem of Evil for the simple fact that it does not address it or philosophy and reason in general. Another possibility is that what appears to be evil to us actually has a divine reason which we cannot grasp. This is the belief held by Theists.

Natural evil is evil caused not by humans but by our environment around us; this includes hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. This is considered a problem for the Free Will Defense because natural evil exists regardless of the existence of Free Will. The answer to this problem is that it is possible that the naturally evil events are caused by demons, thus absolving both humanity and God from any moral responsibility. Another possible answer is that at one point humans were able to avoid these natural evils through the use of psychic abilities and precognition; this theory speculates that these abilities were lost due to the fall from Eden.

The Free Will Defense provides a solution to the Problem of Evil. It states that a world with free will and evil is better than a world

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