The Problem of Gun Violence in America

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Between the years 2000 and 2010, 335,609 people died by injuries from firearms. With more guns on the streets, this puts a greater risk to children and the mentally disabled, because with more guns on streets they can hurt themselves and others. (SC 4)
Guns have been around since the 17th Century and gun violence has been up and down, but since the big gun debate in Washington and around the country have started crime rates have gone up and have stayed up. On average in America 86 people are shot daily in the cities, half of them survive but may have been impaired for possibly the rest of their lives, the other have died of the injuries (SC2). Many people really started to notice this rise in violence after the Newtown School Shooting Disaster CBS asked 500 people there opinion and the majority said they really started to take notice. To take a stand on gun control President Obama promised just hours after the shooting that he’ll do everything in his power to create and enforce new gun laws. (SC 2)
When Congress returned from recess in early January 2012, President Obama wanted to immediately come together to…
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