The Problem of Mental Health Patients Being Shunned by Doctors

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Running Head: Mental Health Patients Shunned By Doctors Mental Health Patients 'Shunned' By Doctors Mental Health Patients 'Shunned' By Doctors Introduction Mental health patients are often shunned and experience discrimination by mental health professionals due to the social stigma attached to them. Though, healthcare system is a place where mental health patients should be dealt with kindness and compassion so that their disorder or disease is well treated. Shunning and neglecting attitude by mental health professionals is not very uncommon because they are not very optimistic about the results of the mentally ill patients (McDaid, 2008). Discussion Shunning and ignoring mental health patients comes under the umbrella of stigmatization. Recent interpretations of the term stigma have become somewhat confused and, at times, blur with those of social exclusion and discrimination (Jorm & Oh, 2009). To attempt to clarify the meaning of stigma, Goffman's seminal work is very useful. Goffman's (1963) monograph contributes to the potential lack of clarity by stating that stigma involves a combination of personal attributes and social stereotypes related to societal access to and endorsement of well-known "unacceptable" or "inferior" human characteristics. Technically therefore, a person may not be mentally ill, but others may attribute this condition to her or him, draw on entrenched stereotypes, and interact with the person in a manner arising from the observers'
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