The Problem of Non-Belief

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The Problem of Non-Belief Drange vs. McHugh- Scoring the Debate Drange’s Argument from Non-Belief The argument being put forth by Drange specifically attacks the God of Evangelical biblical Christianity, an important distinction for the argument itself. The Encyclopedia Britannica illuminates evangelicalism as a Christian protestant movement which emphasizes conversion and the foundational nature of the Bible as the only basis for faith, declaring the Bible as “inerrant.” (Brittanica, par.1) According to Drange’s argument, presuming that if God exists, there are numerous ways through which he could have brought change in some circumstances to ensure belief in his existence (Drange 418). For instance, one way would have…show more content…
ANB's supposition [A2] stands that if God existed then he would bring about Situation S, but significantly only providing that scenario S is among the Lord's desires. However, that distinction allows for the possibility of other desires to succeed [A2], which makes a need for premise [A3]. However, there is also an issue of whether God might want Situation S without seeking to carry it about himself. For example, if God wants Situation S to occur, but wants human beings to come by their belif in a genuine, authentic and human way, then the theory is valid. However, the weakness in Drange’s argument, as he illuminates, is the lack of direct biblical evidence to support the refutation of [A3]. Drange himself maintains, “there are no Biblical verses that support it (the premise) directly” and will have to rely on indirect Biblical support to continue (420). First, Drange posits an argument for [A3] by highlighting the use of the word ‘conflict’ in the premise, illuminating that nothing is impossible for God so the idea of conflicting desires for the supreme being is extraneous, and therefore [A3] is automatically made valid. Drange goes on to debunk this argument in its logical shortcomings before reverting back to indirect biblical evidence for support of [A3]. Argument 7 utilizes the support of the forceful nature of Biblical scripture which substantiate [A2] (Drange 420). It is suggested in many instances throughout the Bible of God’s want for Situation
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