The Problem of Obesity in Chicago

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o How has it affected the community? o How has the community responded?
Pediatric obesity seems to be one of the key problems found in communities in Chicago according to a Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Center of Chicago study that sampled six communities in Chicago over the space of more than two years (January 2002 through May 2004).
Researchers interviewed 1,699 adults that included primary caretakers for 811 children. And they investigated five factors: health conditions, health behaviors and attitudes, health care access, quality of life, and social or environmental factors. The communities were largely minority. One of the discoveries was that: Almost two out of every three children (ranging from 58 to 68 percent) in the five heavily minority communities were either overweight or obese, compared with 26 percent of children nationally and 23 percent in the predominately white community. (
The effort was part of the Improving Community Health Survey where the management believed that thorough investigation into underlying problems could help them establish an evidence base of specific problems. This, in turn, would enable them to devise solutions and strategies to deal with the problems.
One of the recommendations for pediatric obesity was that…

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