The Problem of Plagiarism Literature Review

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The Problem of Plagiarism:
Literature Review Selection
Melinda “Mindy” L. Boucher
Lower Columbia College

The Problem Students routinely hand in papers in which the writing is so complex and the vocabulary so sophisticated that there is doubt that they were written in the students’ own words. When samples of the writing are typed into a Google search engine, sentences and whole paragraphs are found to be a match. Students are confronted with the plagiarism and given information on the guidelines for avoiding plagiarism. Often the result is a re-constructed paper or a paper on a new topic in which sentences are again cut and pasted from the Internet source, but one word or the punctuation was changed. Students often
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Don 't Let Students "Overlook" Internet Plagiarism. The Education Digest. 70(2), 37-43. The main ideas are that online resources have made plagiarism easy for students; teachers need to make sure the guidelines and consequences are clear regarding plagiarism. Bugeja describes two case studies, one before the advent of the computer and one after the invention of computers. He says, “To catch a plagiarist, make Boolian searches illogical, taking a rare word or proper noun from the plagiarized document” (Bugeja, 2004, 43). This article is useful for its comparison between non-technology related plagiarism and digital plagiarism. The conclusions are pragmatic: plagiarism can’t be stopped; it can be detected and punished. The intended audience is teachers. I agree wholeheartedly with his conclusions and find myself sympathizing with his fatalistic attitude that plagiarism is always going to be a problem.
· Credibility: As Director of Greenlee School of Journalism and Communications at Iowa State University, the writer is authoritative.
· Accuracy: The article was written recently, in 2004, and contains specific information from a variety of views.
· Reasonableness: The writing appears fair and objective.
· Support: There are no references listed, but the article was published in a respected periodical, Education Digest.
Ercegovac, Z., & Richardson, J. V. (July 2004). Academic Dishonesty, Plagiarism Included, in the Digital Age: A Literature Review. College
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