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The Problem of the Grudge Informer:
A Dialectical Essay

Lon Fuller’s The Problem of the Grudge Informer outlines quite a legal dilemma: are the acts of a past regime’s grudge informers deserving of prosecution? Fuller narrates a scenario regarding a central issue that is plaguing the administration of a recently overturned democratic state, previously ruled by an unethical regime after a bout of economic disparity. In response to such hardship and social chaos, factional groups formed such as the anarchic “Purple Shirt” party. Through the use of scare tactics and false promises, the Headman of this party was voted into
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This will effectively cool public outcries immediately and due to the length of trials for the many clear-cut cases, by the time the unambiguous cases are addressed, the public will have already been calmed sufficiently. At that point, ambiguous cases can be looked at individually and tried under law, even though the results are expected to be imperfect. Therefore, we should readily prosecute grudgers whose cases are discernible and in obvious accordance with the transgressions of Purple Shirtism by way of current democratic procedure, and later address equivocal suits on a case-by-case basis.
Although there is good reason to believe that at least some of the grudge informers should be prosecuted, not everyone agrees. Deputy 2 maintains that the grudge informers should in fact not be prosecuted. He argues for this position by asserting that the very essence of law was scarce in the face of a terrifying, anarchic regime, which functioned by instilling a “war of all against all conducted behind barred doors, in dark alleyways, in palace intrigues, and prisonyard conspiracies” (Fuller 3), a single phase of which were the acts of the grudge informers. He feels that it is not possible to judge their acts as either lawful or unlawful on the grounds that the Purple Shirts were not a lawful government, ergo the grudge informers did not live under a regime of law at all. He

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