The Problem with Cell Phones in Today's Society

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11 Nov. 2014 Outline Thesis: The usage of cell phones in modern day society has caused quite the problem for citizens in this generation by being a major distraction, causing addictions, and has sadly became the main resource of communication. I. Introduction: What if every cell phone in the world crashed? How would society communicate? How would one know when someone’s birthday is without getting a notification for it? Some people wouldn’t even know when to get up each morning. Thirty years ago, these questions would be easily answered, but it would have taken separate resources to solve each issue. Most tasks nowadays, however, are done by using this single device. The overuse of cell phones in modern day society has caused quite…show more content…
One problem with cell phones in today’s society is that they have become major distractions. Cell phones are distracting employees in the workplace and are leaving them with their jobs halfway done. Everywhere in the business industries, the employees are hard at work re-tweeting and catching up on the latest newsfeed rather than managing their time more wisely. Not only are cell phones a distraction in the workplace, they are also a distraction and disruptive in school districts, causing students’ attention to be elsewhere. Many students would rather text in the middle of class instead of pay attention to what the teacher is reviewing. In this case, students do not gain the amount of education provided for them. In addition to cell phones being distracting, people often like to multi-task by walking or driving while texting. These things cause them to be unaware of their surroundings. Texting while driving has become a major issue because texting and driving can lead to car crashes which are often fatal. On the other hand, texting and walking isn’t too bad, but can cause a little bit of embarrassment. There are stories of people walking into walls and bumping into people or tripping over a table because their nose seems to be stuck in their phone. To some, being on their cell phone is more important than grades, clients, and others around them. Another problem cell phones have caused is addictions. Facebook is

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