The Problem with Potholes Speech

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SPEECH PURPOSE: General purpose: To inform my audience how pot-holes are formed and what they can do to help fix them. Specific purpose: To inform my audience how pot-holes are formed in Chicago, due to the climate. And what Chicagoans can do to help fix them by using the city’s’ free on line service. INTRODUCTION I. (Attention getter): According to the Chicago tribune’s website, in 2011 alone, 600,000 potholes were repaired, filled, or resurfaced by the city of Chicago. If this is divided in to a 40 hour work week, that averages out to 1,640 potholes a day — (200 + potholes an hour) or 3 potholes a minute II. (Listener relevance link): Potholes are a nuisance to automobile drivers, bicyclist, and yes even walkers alike. Many of us travel through Chicago using at least one of these means to go to work, a social event, or at the very least school, This year’s spring is expected to have more potholes than recent years. This is largely due to the large amount of Chicago’s temperature fluctuation this winter season. III. Your experience/background with the topic (speaker credibility statement): Having lived in Chicago my whole life and from my 6 years of driving, I can speak from experience when I say there is not a neighborhood that does not have potholes. According to Summit County’s engineer’s website, potholes are most commonly formed during spring due to the change in temperature. IV. Central idea (thesis statement) and preview of

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