The Problem with Selling Sex Essay

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With only the purchase of sex being illegal, johns can be rightfully punished by the law and the sex industry wouldn’t go underground. While people think that sex workers, because they create the opportunity, should be punished, it is often the men who initiate sex with prostitutes. It is the johns who pay sex workers to “to submit to his sexual demands as a condition of 'employment'" (Jeffreys 260). Yet despite this, most police officers focus the attention on prostitutes, rather than the johns and as a result of that, citizens mimic the attitudes of the law enforcers. An unfair balance is created between the number of sex workers arrested versus the number of johns who are arrested. While one could say that both are deserving of the…show more content…
When women are allowed to sell sex, they can feel safer in their practices because they have protection. When sex workers feel like they can go to police officers for help, the sex industry would remain within the public eye and would have little need to remain a secret back-alley business. Furthermore, when prostitution is illegal the business is forced deeper “underground”, sex worker cannot access social services like welfare (Meg). Regardless of how one is employed, all people should have access to the same government issued services. Since prostitution is illegal, sex workers can’t get access to those agencies and therefore, are being treated as second class citizens. When selling sex is legal, and in the public eye, sex workers can retain their rights as people and no longer worry about being treated like a lowlier person just because of their chosen profession. For example, in Sweden, a law was passed in 1999 that made buying sex illegal but still allowed prostitutes to work legally (“How Europe Deals” Sweden). Sex workers in Sweden are able to get healthcare, report problems to the police and be treated like humans with rights. By allowing women to work as they want to, they are freer, able to protect themselves and less stigmatized. The people of Sweden are better able to address problems that face sex

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