The Problems A Company Can Face By Opening A Headquarter Office

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The problems a company can face by opening a headquarter office can be a big and cumbersome ordeal. One problem, however, does not need to be a daunting task, which is the selection of the company’s connection to other branches, and how the other branches will access the data server located at the new headquarters office. The headquarters will house a local area network (LAN) that has a server that houses the data the company needs to function on a daily bases. The company has three branches throughout the United States, one branch in Washington, one branch in California, and the third is located in Chicago; the Headquarters is going to be located in Kansas City, Kansas. The three branches do not have individual LANs set up to communicate…show more content…
The goal of this paper is to evaluate and determine what type of connection the company will use for connecting the four individual LANs together. There are three main options that should be evaluated and considered, a T1 or T3 connection that is a leased line, a dedicated virtual private network (VPN) that will require a server at each LAN, or a basic internet connection that utilizes a demilitarized zone (DMZ). The main advantage of a leased line, such as a T1 or T3 line, would be the reliability and security that comes with leasing the line. A leased line is a dedicated, permanent, connection between two or more locations that an individual or corporation can lease from a telecommunications company or service provider (Heer, p 2-10). The provided diagram shows the connection between two different locations, A and B, respectably. This diagram shows how the two locations connect to each other through a dedicated secure network connection, or leased line. Connecting multiple locations in this manor is considered extremely reliable and secure. Reference for the image: (Private Line Service). A leased line is typically used to connect offices together that are geographically far apart. Leased lines are reliable and secure, but they are expensive in comparison to other means of connection,
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