The Problems Brought by Social Media Addiction

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In this generation, the most meaningful and personal relationships now involve the use of a computer on social media sites. However, social media now is believed to be related to deeper issues in a person’s life. Studies show that almost 17 percent of children and teens have an internet addiction. For prevention, parents should monitor and openly discuss the internet usage in their home. “Children are experts in social media, with parents running to catch up”, exclaimed a specialist. Social Media has allowed people of all ages to connect from anywhere at any time, but now society has become consumed and preoccupied with the internet. The University of Maryland’s International Center for Media on the Public Agenda led a survey, “24 Hours Unplugged”, to see the effect of disconnecting on students (Laster 1). The survey asked 200 students on the campus to give up all media for a full day and blog about their personal experience afterwards on a private site. Four out of the five students experienced negative effects when they attempted to cut off completely from social networks for 24 hours. Many students did not last the full 24 hours and some suffered anxiety, depression, and insecurity. A student from the University of Maryland wrote texting and instant messages gave him or her, “a constant feeling of comfort”. In addition, Susan D. Moeller stated, “Going without media meant, in their world, going without their friends and family”. In contrast, social networking allows
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