The Problems Due to Shortage of Qualified Nurses in the US

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Picot question: Can the nursing shortage best be addressed by implanting incentives for faculty, prospective and current students, or for employees. The steps in the Rosswurm and Larabees (1999) model are the following: Assess the need for change by collecting and comparing the data Link the problem to intervention and outcomes Synthesize the most reliable, appropriate, and current scientific literature on the subject. Critique and collate this literature into a literature review Design a change plan by addressing variable of change independent and dependent and by planning a pilot demonstration including the training, the resources, and the method of the study, location, and time as well as instruments used. Implement and evaluate the change, including the pilot attempt. Decide whether to accept or retain hypothesis Integrate and maintain the change by communicating decision to people involved, such as medical staff, educators, nurses and so forth anyone to who change would be relevant. Consider publishing study. Consistently monitor outcomes. Applying Rosswurm and Larabees' six steps to design change to our particular study, we have the following: Assess the need for change by collecting and comparing the data: Smith, A. (2010) and Connolly, et al (2008) both conclude that the shortage of nursing faculty directly affects the number of incoming qualified nurses, and suggests that incentives to remedy the former will inevitably assist the latter. Drury et al
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