The Problems Faced By Saudi Arabian Students

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Saeed al hamhhum 1498149 The main problems faced by Saudi Arabian students when studying at university in UK Since Saudi Arabian government have founded a king Abdulla program which provides scholarships in 2005. There are many opportunities for Saudi Arabian students to have their higher education at universities in UK which it is great for their education and improving their English language. In the last two years, the number of Saudi Arabian students have increased at universities in UK. However, the Saudi Arabian students who tend to study at universities in UK will face some problems which relate to their English level, the social life such as making friends or participating in activities, visa or accommodation. This essay will outline briefly describe and explain the main problems, both academic and social faced by students from KSA when studying at universities in the UK. It will then goes on to suggested and evaluate how might best be adders by universities. English language. Most of Saudi Arabian students face the English language problem because their first language is Arabic. Also, most of them start studying academic language with a lack of general vocabulary because previous study 's ' was not in English or it was with the low quality of teaching English. So, they attempt to study general English language in privet schools before start studying academic English at the university. Unfortunately, most of privet schools are not that much good to help
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