The Problems Faced By Single Parents

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Vast majority of people in this world don’t have a home to live, don’t have food to eat, and can’t afford to attend school, all these things are happening due to poverty. This is one of the major issues that the entire world has to deal with. Poverty itself is a very broad term which can be described in various ways; however, most of the times it’s a scenario that individuals try to avoid and escape from. Poverty has a very bad impact on the country and its residents. It can easily destroys the economy of one country, especially the developing once. Poverty plays an important role in effecting the life of single parents. The most common problems faced by single parents due to poverty are parenting, monthly expenses and health problems. First, single parents face hard time providing their children activities and parenting which have long term effects on children as compared to married couples. "With a single parent, there 's only one earner.... When it comes to ferrying children to lessons or sports, they just can 't do it," she says. "We found that parenting differs mostly because of resources - more so than by family structure." says Sandra Hofferth, professor of family science at the University of Maryland School of Public Health (Stephanie). Parenting is more disturbed by lack of resources not by family structure. More than quarter of children under age of 6 are living in families with income level below the poverty line and this number is increasing in single parent
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