The Problems Faced By The Video Game Industry

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Lack of mutual trust, teamwork and communication are the major problems faced by the video game industry. Mutual trust, which is an essential component of teamwork in the teams is responsible for the coordinated attitude in teams. Teamwork is now seen as being essential to achieve goals and complete projects. As more organizations and companies are coming to this understanding, considerable investment is being made in understanding better, how teamwork can be fostered within organizational departments, project-based teams, study groups, and organizing committees. Effective communication helps with maintaining different teams, thereby allowing team members to support each other better. It is also helpful in generating an environment of mutual trust which ensures that team members enjoy a high degree of comfort within the team, allowing them to communicate their opinions freely without fear of reproof. When a good relationship is expected among the team members in the video game industry, how lack of trust, teamwork and effective communication affect the teams? The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of the problems faced by the game industry. This research will create an understanding on the effects related to each problem faced by the video game industry.
In the world of gaming, teamwork is necessary to complete many tasks ranging from obtaining a weapon to defeating an enemy. Teams that have good organizational and teamwork skills can…
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