The Problems Faced By The Video Game Industry

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Introduction Lack of mutual trust, teamwork and communication are the major problems faced by the video game industry. Mutual trust, which is an essential component of teamwork in the teams is responsible for the coordinated attitude in teams. Teamwork is now seen as being essential to achieve goals and complete projects. As more organizations and companies are coming to this understanding, considerable investment is being made in understanding better, how teamwork can be fostered within organizational departments, project-based teams, study groups, and organizing committees. Effective communication helps with maintaining different teams, thereby allowing team members to support each other better. It is also helpful in generating an…show more content…
Hence, the spirit of teamwork should be cultivated that comes to effective communication and leadership. So, mediating issues and maintaining relationships is very much important in the video game industry. The industry as a whole will progress if once these three issues are considered and terminated. The research about teams and leadership in the gaming industry is necessary, to know whether team leadership is important to meet the goals. A keen understanding of the issues related to team and leadership is very important. As we see in online games, leadership happens quickly and sometimes it is undertaken by people who are reserved players. There are many opportunities to lead in the gaming world. For instance, most raid operations involve a group of players led into the mission by a single player. This is valuable leadership experience because leading a raid operation involves managing both people and resources. Players are easily able to view the skills and competency levels of each other, which helps leaders in making decisions related to task delegation. Similarly, leadership involves directing towards various aspects and providing the vision to the members. To provide scientific support to the teamwork issue, this can be dealt by introducing the study about multi-player games, which trains the employees in teamwork skills as these games acts as support to multiple individuals to acquire teamwork skills as they possess a wide variety
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