The Problems Found in Sweatshops in Bangladesh

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Sweatshops in Bangladesh Made in Bangladesh! Have you heard of bangladesh? Probably not right. Bangladesh is a country in southeast asia that makes the clothes that are purchased in our american society. It is the second leading garment exporters in the world , of course following china. Currently, there are currently 500 garment factories with over 3.2 million workers.Recently there have been many mishaps with the many collapsed buildings and fires leading to the deaths of the unfortunate and leading to the injury of the lucky. In Bangladesh there have been many problems due to the small market and their extremely low cost. So for american companies like Walmart, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger,etc bangladesh is a goldmine because they produce quality work and at a very cost. Although with their low cost there is a high demand for their goods, which rushes the production process resulting in injury. Problems exist in bangladesh because their lack of responsibility in safety and in constructing their buildings. On April 24th,2013 the Ranza Plaza had collapsed leaving 1,129 dead and 2,515 severely injured. Many consider it to be one of the deadliest tragedy of structural failures ever. Although the corporation took caution to close off lower floors after coming across structural cracks it just put a dent on the inevitable failure of the building. Later it came to the head of the bangladeshi National fire service that they
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