The Problems Of Foreign Countries

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One of the most difficult barriers when investing in foreign countries is the use of different languages. According to CultureGrams, Vietnamese is the official language in Vietnam. Besides, English is considered as a second language and is taught in the country from sixth to tenth grade. Indeed, many English speakers can be found in Vietnam, especially in the larger cities. Unlike other countries in Asia, Vietnamese has a greater awareness of English because the people use the Latin Alphabet which English uses. Additionally, other languages which are used to a lesser extent are French, Chinese, and Russian. This will facilitate operating business in Vietnam because most people in the country are bilingual so it is easier for
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As I mentioned above, Vietnamese has several advantages that help crossing language barriers. However, the company should prepare to face unpredictable situations. Because not all the employees can have an excellent communication skills. Here are some recommendations in the short run to overcome this challenge.
Firstly, important announcements and documents should be translated properly. Vietnamese people can speak English well but it is better to translate all necessary documentations into Vietnamese. Hiring a translator can be a wise idea. Secondly, having professional interpreters to convey managers’ messages, instructions or in specific events of the company. Thirdly, there is always back and forth interactions between managers and employees as well as among employees to check for understanding. Ask the employees to demonstrate that they know how to do what managers have showed.
Global Marketing Strategies: Localization or Standardization Strategies
It’s essential to localize or standardize the company’s marketing mix when competing in the international market. Localization or Standardization Strategies both have advantages and disadvantages. However, As Vrontis argued that no company choose to use either strategy solely; instead, finding the integration of both strategies to have effective marketing tactics (2005). That can be a good choice for the company’s
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